DAVID helps patients to gain confidence through correct movement

In the Dutch medical center FMC Verzijden, all physiotherapy processes are built around the DAVID Spine Concept. We have interviewed the manager and one of the physiotherapists at the center – Gijs van den Boogaart. He detailed how DAVID technology helps people with phycological issues to overcome their fear of exercise therapy.

FMC Verzijden has a good network of doctors and other medical specialists who refer clients to them. In addition, there are some people who come especially for training on the DAVID devices. Those clients are already familiar with the technology. They have seen and tried them in some other places. Positive user experience and health improvements are what drives them to continue exercising with DAVID.


FMC Verzijden medical center

Gijs van den Boogaart and his colleagues at FMC Verzijden medical center


Continuous severe pain affects every aspect of life, in particular, mental health. Most of the chronic pain clients in FMC Verzijden have faced this problem says Gijs van den Boogaart. The center appreciates DAVID as it helps to reduce the patient’s anxiety and fear of exercise and movement. The technology grants carefully targeted movement and controlled loading. Training on the devices is protected from any incorrect movements due to their joint-specific isolating concept. This is especially important for patients because their expectation is that every movement is painful. “Training on DAVID devices gives great confidence. The devices are well adjustable for each patient and provide a controlled-way of exercising” – emphasizes Gijs van den Boogaart.


We made a conscious choice when we chose DAVID devices



Verzijden Fysiotherapeutisch


Van den Boogaart also highlights the assistance of the EVE platform in the clinic’s everyday processes. The platform is beneficial for both, the specialists and the patients. Each new client undergoes testing and gets individually planned program. During the training, the EVE system gives patients a unique opportunity to monitor their every move in real-life time. The visual guidance of the exercise takes away any concerns about the possible incorrect movement. It is also important that the EVE’s feature to collect and store the clients’ training progress gives a great motivation for patients to continue rehabilitation.

It is encouraging that DAVID technology can help to improve not only physical disorders but psychological as well.

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Nadja Fomina
Marketing associate