Passion for helping people – Meet our new COO, Janne Mäki-Kahra

Please meet our new COO, Janne Mäki-Kahra (PT, MBA). After operating a David Back Clinic in the mid 90’s as a young physiotherapist, he has subsequently gained a deep experience in management in various medical fields. His passion for helping people has guided his decisions throughout his career and has now brought him back to David Health Solutions – his first love.

My career started at David in 1995 after graduating as a physical therapist. I began running a David Back Clinic in Helsinki. So really joining David now is like coming home. After this, I continued working as a country manager for David, helping with operations and marketing in Finland. At the time, the Spine Concept worked very well and all of our patients saw positive results in pain relief from chronic back pain. However, challenges were present since the treatment documentation wasn’t automated, and it was difficult to market the value of our system. Nevertheless, as a young physical therapist, I got to see firsthand the successful outcome David’s concept can provide people.

I think the main thing for me at that time when I started treating patients, I really believed in the system and that it really proves to be true. I think that is really the essence of why I am here again.

Where has your career taken you?

A lot has happened before completing this full circle and returning to David. I believe the experience I have gained in various medical fields has really helped me expand my knowledge base. After David, I started at Stryker the biggest medical device company in the world. I was very successful in medical device sales and it helped open new avenues on how to develop myself more. After this I joined the pharma industry, working in the marketing department at Novartis. This taught me the power of a structured marketing approach.


What do you plan to bring to this new role as COO?

Having worked in several sectors of the medical realm, I have a very broad knowledge base of the industry. Much of my career has focused on strategy development and implementation of strategical and tactical plans into operations. I believe I can harness these strengths in my new role at David.


What are you looking forward to as you start this new chapter at David Health Solutions?

I think we have a unique opportunity to really help bring exercise-based physiotherapy to the global market. If I think back to when I started, this exercise therapy wasn’t widely accepted but I think it is finally getting the attention it deserves. David’s treatment offering has also greatly expanded from the Spine Concept I was introduced to several years ago. Our extensive range of devices is a full-body solution for preventative care or specific treatment of problems and pain.

The fully automated documentation with EVE platform provides has also taken our solution to the next level. This allows us to show the true value our technology provides, whether it be for public healthcare or a broader population health scheme. Stepping into my new role as COO at David, I’ll be setting my sights on enhancing operational efficiency, sales, marketing and leadership. This will enable us to build on our offering and boost our global mission to redefine physiotherapy.


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