News / 19.08.2020

We are looking for a physiotherapist to join DAVID

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News / 17.08.2020

Introducing DAVID in German and Spanish

The official DAVID website is now available in German, Spanish, and English. Click to...
News / 17.06.2020

Expanding clinic horizons in Austria

A massive installation project took place in Vienna in May. In a two-week period...
News / 14.05.2020

How a physiotherapy clinic operates during the pandemic

Stay tuned for updates and be sure to check out our website for more...
News / 03.03.2020

Do your part in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus

For our hundreds of partners, medical centers, and clinics that utilize our technology around...
News / 03.02.2020

Success from Arab Health 2020

Our exhibit at Arab Health 2020 in Dubai created a lot of buzz. We...
News / 20.01.2020

Visit us at Arab Health 2020

David Health Solutions will be exhibiting at the Arab Health trade fair from Monday,...
News / 20.12.2019

Meet David, a global innovator in rehab

The article, published in the British Neuro Rehab Times magazine, reaffirms the value of...