Healthy workers – healthy business

Preventive approach to healthcare is productive and beneficial and trends in healthcare show a strong move towards active treatments. Our solution responses to ongoing challenge that the companies face -musculoskeletal related work absences.

Our highly targeted solution focuses on the important exercises, which achieve the maximum effect in minimum time, concentrating on conditioning of the body’s core muscles as well as over all body fitness and functionality. The example configuration consists of three devices from the Spine Concept: G110 Lumbar/Thoracic Extension, G120 Lumbar/Thoracic Rotation and G130 Lumbar/Thoracic Flexion. These three devices can be installed into a relatively small space.

The simplicity of the solution means that taking care of the important muscles of the body has never been easier. The prevention concept can be installed at the business premise, which negates the requirement to travel to a prevention centre and is designed so that there is also no need for an onsite therapist.

Prevention providers and rehabilitation clinics can expand their businesses with remote prevention units without space and distance constraints. The prevention equipment is installed to the premises of the client company. All client employees are measured and individual training programs are created based on the measuring results. The EVE system empowers the employees to do the exercises independently.

The EVE monitor guides through the right machines, helps with the setup and displays the correct range-of-motion and training speed. After the exercise the user receives feedback of the training quality. At the same instant all data to the smallest detail is stored in real-time to the central server that is securely accessible by the prevention service provider. The treatment professionals follow-up on all employees and review their training results. The system automatically alerts if training sessions are missed or done with inconsistent quality. The remote management functionality of the EVE system makes it possible to handle more clients with less workforce and higher efficiency without sacrificing quality. It also makes company prevention economically viable to smaller companies that do not have enough employees for a dedicated staffed prevention unit.

Our research has shown that with specific and targeted exercises it is possible to affect the lost working days in a yearly level and create substantial savings. We offer validated and scientifically proven solutions which benefit on an individual and on a company level. A number of major independent studies have been undertaken which outline the effectiveness of David’s solutions and devices in the prevention and treatment of or work related injury in companies such as Daimler, Wieland Werke, AOK and RAG. These studies have found that exercise therapy helped to reduce the number of days sick up to 7.3 days per worker. All measured strength counts, performance of trunk muscles and mobility measurements improved to an extent that could be proven statistically.

Workers which underwent the “Kraftwerk” program within Daimler factories showed a reduction in back related absence from work days of 48% through only 6 minutes of training on a single device per week. Increasingly companies are realising that an investment in the health of their employees leads to tangible long terms saving via a decrease in sickness and an increase in functionality.

In today’s economic climate, companies in all sectors must ensure that their productivity is at an optimum level in addressing the issues relating to worker health generally and back health in particular.