Health benefits at all ages

Safe, effective and easy to use.

Life expectancy is increasing and maintaining activity throughout the life span is important. Muscle strength and mobility decrease as we get older, but we at David believe that good health results can be achieved at all ages.

Several studies have shown that resistance training is effective for elderly people as well. Improvement in muscle strength brings out positive outcomes to over all wellbeing. This supports the goal to stay at home as long as possible. Healthcare is not just patients passing through but providing opportunities for people to stay functional and healthy for the rest of their lives.

We offer solutions to train safely, effectively and comfortably and gain health benefits which expand to every day life. This means that our devices are biomechanically optimised, gentle on the joints and effective in improving metabolism and coordination as well as muscle strength and mobility.

I have found a completely new way of moving and using my body. I am now more than ever convinced that movement and physical activity is a necessity. DAVID devices are easy to use and it is good that the program guides through the correct movement. By following the instructions you cannot really do anything wrong. And the compliance percentage – feedback has never felt as good! Getting good results is so rewarding. Another thing that keeps me going is the support that I get from the group. Doing your own individual exercise within a group nourishes body and mind.

Salli, 78