The DAVID cardio equipment is equipped with a display that connects to the EVE software. This makes it possible to perform (maximum and submaximal) tests and to compose various interval training sessions based on the heart rate.

Cardio equipment

DAVID produces cardio equipment. We collaborate with hospitalsphysiotherapy centersorthopedic clinicswellness centers, and hotels. The equipment is equipped with EVE (eValuated exercise) software for monitoring client results and site management.

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Cardio equipment is currently not available in the USA.



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Dimensions (Width, Length, Height)

130/65/146 cm, 51/26/58 in


74 kg, 163 lbs


Medical version:

  • Medical-CE according to directive 93/42 EEC, class IIa
  • DIN EN957-1 SA
  • DIN EN957-5 SA
  • DIN EN 60601-1-2

Fitness version:

  • CE
  • DIN EN957-1 SA
  • DIN EN957-5 SA
  • DIN EN 60601-1-2
  • Quick start
  • Watt
  • Watt sensitive
  • Pulse
  • Isokinetic
  • Therapy
  • Interval
  • K-Cal
  • Hill
  • Random
  • Distance
  • Seat heights
  • Horizontal seat position
  • Grip angle (During installation)
Speed range

40 - 120 rpm / min

  • 25 - 500 watts (rpm independent)
  • 25 - 1000 watts (rpm dependent)
  • 5 watt steps

Maximum user weight: 150 kg, 331 lbs


Self powered with no need for grid power.


Heart rate monitoring: Polar® pulse receiver


Test program package:

  • IPN test
  • Astrand Test
  • PWC Test
  • Lactate test (supports measurement procedure)
  • Standart test
  • Conconi test

Adjustable crank arm:
Gives the possibility to adjust the radius of the pedals from the crack arm axis.

Hand pulse connection:
The metal leads in the grips can read the user’s heart rate while gripping them, without the need for a heart rate band.

Ear pulse connection:
Small clips can be attached to the ear that read the user’s heart rate during training, without the need for a heart rate band.

User weight extension 200kg, 441 lbs:
Structural modifications to the frame of the bicycle to accommodate heavier users up to 200kg, 441 lbs

Serial connection:
Serial connection to ergospirometry systems:

Supported protocols:

  • Ergoline protocol (Recommended)
  • Expanded Cybex protocol