We have intelligent DAVID devices installed in more than 400 clinics and only a small amount of them is now published here. If you want to present your clinic on the reference list, please contact us.

We found
FPZ Rückenzentrum Wittstock
Germany | Stand-alone | Spine
Azerbaijan | Medical center | Spine
Ukraine | Stand-alone | Spine
FMC Verzijden
Netherlands | Medical center | Spine
Acura Wagner
Germany | Medical center | Hip and Knee, Shoulders, Spine
DC Klinieken
Netherlands | Medical center | Spine
Azerbaijan | Hospital | Spine
Nordic Health Finland
Finland | Stand-alone | Hip and Knee, Shoulders, Spine
David Institut Krems
Austria | Medical center | Spine
Dammam Medical Complex
Saudi Arabia | Hospital | Hip and Knee, Shoulders, Spine
Circle rehabilitation
England | Stand-alone | Spine
Total Spine
USA | Medical center | Spine